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Why should I consider Printed Pattern Carpet?

Ask the expert with Richard Lyons

Why should I consider printed pattern carpet for my corridors?

Flooring plays a key role in any redecorating process especially in high density residential buildings. One of the most popular styles of flooring is custom print-carpet. Print-carpet offers clients the most design flexibility and versatility when looking to replace the existing carpet or completely redecorate a space. Manufactured primarily for the hospitality industry, print-carpet performs amazingly well in high density residential buildings. The manufacturing specifications are designed to deal with high traffic and high maintenance requirements; therefore, print-carpet out performs all competitors in high density residential environments like corridors or any amenity space. With print-carpet you are only limited by your imagination! Patterns can be custom made and custom coloured all scaled to fit any space. Much of the design process is done via computer, allowing clients the immediate benefit of seeing how colour and pattern impact design. Not only is the design done via computer but the carpet can be computer imaged directly into a scaled architectural drawing. These tools help clients visualize how the carpet will look in their building; speeding up the design process. If the carpet is the only item up for replacement, print-carpet provides design flexibility to custom design and colour a carpet that not only co-ordinates with the existing décor, but has the flexibility to be reinvented when the balance of the project comes on-line.

Visual tools are print-carpets greatest asset. As the carpet is designed, paper prints called strikes, can be reviewed providing instant feedback. The scale of these paper strikes is quite large and detailed. Once a design is fully developed, through AutoCAD, the pattern can be printed on a scaled version of the area for a complete visual rendering of the carpet. This makes choosing carpet options easier. Lastly, full scale, quality carpet strikes are developed for review. These strikes are 3’ x 3’ with some suppliers offering 6’ x 6’ carpet strikes. Carpet strikes provide clients with quality samples to review and present to other building residents establishing a consensus on the new carpet style. With carpet as the first element developed when redecorating it is very important to get the design right the first time and with printed carpet the impact on the design is immediate and impressive.

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