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Updating Your colours

The great 19th-century writer and critic John Ruskin said, “Color is the most sacred element in all visual things.”

As most people are aware, exterior paint provides two functions—protection and aesthetics. Generally for maintaining an owner’s investment, property management focuses on protection and maintenance thus prolonging the life of trim, windows and doors. Often the aesthetic function of paint is overlooked as a tool in maintaining a property’s value. With ever increasing competition from an abundance of new builds, maintaining curb appeal is paramount. Attracting buyers and sustaining property values are dependent on your presentation and maintenance.

Paint colour is the single most effective way to change the personality of a property and transform it to its best advantage.

The decision to update the exterior colours of condominium complexes is an important yet costly one. Choosing appropriately is crucial. Occasionally there is resistance to changing a colour scheme. Property management may experience complaints, and even retribution from owners who are attached to their outdated décor. Most commonly, many people struggle with being able to visualize the new colours.

To that end, Connoisseur Painting Ltd. has found that by working with innovative suppliers and computer software we are able to help owners, property managers and Boards of Directors overcome this issue. We offer an exterior paint colour consultation. A designer works with the existing structure attributes (roof, brick, etc.) and creates a colour palette that feels fresh and modern. This colour consultation is designed to alleviate the anxiety, and reduce the risk in the process of selecting paint colours and colour placement.

The designer understands that the chosen colours must work together to enhance the architecture. Everything has to be taken into consideration when designing the various Exterior Schemes: permanent colours of stone, mortar, brick; wood finish; door design & hardware; window frames; lighting finish; shingles; the amount of landscaping & concrete. Your colour curb appeal, whether paint or flowers, degree of paint colour tones etc, these all come into play when setting the look for your image.

Connoisseur Painting has been working with Tracy Black from soulstyle for its colour consultations. The photos below are of a townhouse complex located at 1764 Rathburn Rd East Mississauga. Tracy chose the new colours and developed the three exterior schemes. Once she decided on the colour options, a photograph of the townhouses was uploaded to the computer software and the new colours were added for the Board’s consideration. The Board was able to see immediately the effect that changing the colour of the tudor boards, or garage door, or enhancing the front with tonal differences in colour would have on the curb appeal of the complex. Take a moment to observe the differences and the different impression that each scheme provides.

A Board reviewing exterior photographs of their own complex with colour changes made available will feel more comfortable and confident when making the decision to commit their funds to repainting. The array of colour choices becomes an important aspect of making the complex individual, unique and extraordinary. Being able to offer the co-ordination of a professional, accredited designer and colour rendering technology gives Connoisseur Painting a competitive edge.

soulstyle is a full range Interior Decorating and Home Staging service, offering personalized, one-on-one service to residential and commercial clients.

Tracy Black, owner, is passionate about colour, design and decorating. soulstyle has been in business for 3 years in the GTA and the surrounding area. With both residential and commercial clientele, soulstyle approaches every project with professionalism, care, and commitment.

soulstyle is a member of the Canadian Decorators Association.

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