Condominium Common Area Renovation in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

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  • CPL Design's crews are outstanding!! Each does an amazing job, not just in labour, but also in work ethic, in being courteous to the residents and their needs.

    Aris Pakains

    President, York North Condominium Co. #5

  • Your patience during the awarding of the contract and the choosing of the design was commendable. Dealing with nine board members and a large Amenities Committee and having them all agree is a huge feat.

    Judy Raymond

    Property Manager, MTCC 559, 569, 574 and Brookfield

  • The standard of the work was excellent. The skilled craftsmen and other workers were meticulous and we have every reason to be well-pleased with the results.

    Doug Saunders et al

    Board of Directors of HCC 257

  • ...the professionalism was carried through all the way. It was reassuring to know things were being done correctly and schedules were kept as promised.

    Candy Henriques

    Property Manager, Millgate Manor (YCC 161)

  • The concepts and designs you presented were extremely well suited to both the physical layout and the demographics of our three buildings. Upon completion, they look absolutely lovely.

    Margot G. Murray

    President, Condominium Corporation MTCC 574

  • ... we were given good advise on the materials and the colouring, and that the project was, in our minds, very successful.

    Board of Directors


  • I would recommend them 100% for any indoor/outdoor work required in a building or townhouse complex.

    Maria Desforges

    President, J&W Condominium Management Ltd.