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Peel Condominium Corporation 110 – Corridor Refurbishment: Summary of the works

In May of 2011, CPL Group Inc. embarked on the Corridor Refurbishment project for the Lakeview Condominiums, in Mississauga, Ontario. The purpose of the project was to maintain a competitive edge in the condominium marketplace by renovating the 20 common area residential corridors in the building.

CPL Group worked very closely with the Corporation’s decorating committee and with Larry Nolevski, the Property Manager from Shiu Pong Group Ltd., throughout the refurbishment. The key project objective was to create a design concept which recognized the building’s style by replacing the entire corridor finishes with new products which would not “date” themselves. One of the other key objectives was to incorporate energy efficient lighting to increase corridor light levels and to reduce energy costs. Ultimately, the end goal was to create a warm and inviting atmosphere which the owners could take pride in.

The work included the demolition and environmental disposal of the existing light fixtures, ceiling tiles, wall coverings and carpeting. CPL installed new suite door casings, new elevator frame casings, new wood baseboards, new wall panel mouldings, and new chair rails. The base building doors (exit doors, garbage room doors, elevator doors and frames, fire house cabinets), new suite door casings, new elevator frame casings, new wood baseboards, new wall panel mouldings, new chair rails, and existing stucco ceilings were all painted. Finally, new carpeting, new flush mounted ceiling fixtures, new exit lights, new pre finished fire rated doors, new fire rated suite door hardware, new base building fire rated door hardware, new painted glass wall panels, and new wall coverings were installed.

CPL Group Inc. is very excited about the transformation of the corridors at the Lakeview Condominiums. Through this renovation we have created not only a unique and pleasant environment, but also the corporation can be proud that they made responsible and design savvy choices. These choices will have a positive impact on their living community both today and in the future.

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