Condominium Common Area Renovation in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

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Why Choose CPL Condominium Design Interiors?

CPL is committed to customer satisfaction

Why Choose CDI

Why Choose CPL?

The answer is simple. Our people and our processes make the difference.


The Management Team at CPL has over 80 years combined project management experience. Our management style is proactive and hands on. Our designers are qualified and experienced working on residential condominium common elements. Our Construction Team consists of trades who know and understand condominiums. They are the front line faces who interact with residents on a daily basis. Our trades understand that when they walk through the front doors of the building they are working in your home.


We use our knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the best information available so they are always in a position to make informed decisions. We manage our contracts in such a way as to minimize our impact on the community in which we are working. We strive to provide our clients with the highest levels of service, quality and workmanship, staying on time and on budget.


The ability to communicate effectively, efficiently and timely are important assets. But just as important is the ability to listen. This strong ability to communicate extends beyond the design process and into the construction process. We provide notices, Ghent charts and town hall meetings to explain to the owners and residents what we are doing and how we will be approaching all aspects of the project.


Design is a fluid process, dynamic in nature constantly evolving and changing. The Design Team must take this into account at each stage of the process. During construction, flexibility is equally important. We must be flexible to the individual needs of each client.


Our years of project management experience have allowed us to develop an effective approach to design/build. Our processes and procedures have been refined through constant evaluation. We strive to improve every process and procedure we have developed. Our management style must be proactive, dynamic and detail orientated.


This is perhaps the most important item in our list. A company is measured not by what it says, but by what it does. Our focus is client driven and our mandate is to provide clients with the best service and advice available.

If you’re a property manager or director you need to LOOK GOOD.