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Green Design Program

Clients now have cost effective green options.

Green Design Program

Green Design Program

At CPL condominium design interiors we recognize the need for a ‘green’ refurbishment strategy. Our green program includes environmentally sustainable building products combined with a waste diversion program. The refurbishment process generates a substantial amount of waste which can be diverted from landfill if properly managed. Our initiatives are based on the concept of waste diversion and the introduction of sustainable building materials.

We have collaborated with a leading group of environmentally conscious suppliers to provide our clients with ‘green’ options. We have the ability to offer clients options such as:

1.  recycling existing carpet
2.  recycling existing wall coverings
3.  low VOC to no VOC paints
4.  environmentally friendly adhesives
5.  waste diversion options
6.  energy efficient lighting solutions
7.  fully sustainable carpet and wall coverings

Clients now have “green” options when considering refurbishment projects that are cost effective.

Working together we help the world to LOOK GOOD.