Condominium Common Area Renovation in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

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Diagnostic Design Process


Good design seamlessly combines both form and function into a single package.  In order for CPL Interiors to maximize the benefits of good design we have developed a design process which empowers our clients providing them with the tools to navigate the design process.  Our Diagnostic Design Process (DDP) incorporates the Four D’s:  Discover; Diagnose; Design; and Deliver.  At the heart of our process is a customer centric approach to condominium refurbishment.  Our approach is very unique providing our clients with a collaborative, highly interactive and energetic design process.  Our customers can expect:


  • Inspiration:    Collaborative thinking creates great designs
  • Innovation:    Creativity & technology that enhances your space
  • Leadership:   Professionalism that builds confidence


image008The Four D’s represent the four stages in our diagnostic model.  Each stage outlines a number of steps that are used to navigate through the design process.  By collaborating with a Board, step by step, the natural transition from one stage to the next occurs seamlessly and effortlessly.  The development of our Diagnostic Design Process has evolved over 25 years of working within the condominium environment.  Refurbishing high-rise condominiums is something we do on a daily basis; it is second nature to us.  We understand the nuances, the process, the systems and best practices required to make a refurbishment project successful.  The development of the Four D’s has simply placed our knowledge pool into a process that we can share with our clients.  Now our clients can manage and understand the process as we do.