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Condominium Party Room Refurbishment at Pinedale Estates

Condominium Party Room Refurbishment at Pinedale Estates

Halton Condominium Corporation 178 – Pinedale Estates

Halton Condominium Corporation 178, located at Pinedale Estates in Burlington recently underwent the refurbishment of their party room. This common area renovation updated not only the decor of this amenity space, but also addressed noise concerns. The Board of Directors and property management expressed concerns regarding noise levels during social events, known as “the cocktail effect” where people talk louder and louder to be heard as the noise level in the room increases. This made this space less desirable for larger gatherings as the sound level made for an uncomfortable space. CPL condominium design interiors engaged the services of an acoustical consultant who performed sound tests and wrote a detailed report to determine the best method to control sound. The report concluded that the existing drywall ceiling should be replaced with suspended acoustic ceiling tiles and that acoustic panels be installed on the walls to absorb sound. The design / build project also included new carpet, vinyl wall covering, new kitchen cabinets, countertop, back splash, new washroom vanities and new porcelain tile floors. The existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system was also loud which added to the ambient sound level. CPL explored modification options which would mitigate the noise produced as the HVAC unit cycled on and presented these options to the Board. It is now almost impossible to hear the system turn on and the noise levels inside the party room have been lowered significantly.

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