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Carpet choices for corridor refurbishment.

Carpet  choices for corridor refurbishment.

By Richard Lyons

There comes a time in the life of a high-rise condominium, when the corridors become run down and need replacement from all the wear and tear over the years. When it comes time to refurbish your condominium’s corridors, the first decision that will likely be made is one regarding new carpeting and flooring. Eventually, the necessity of new carpet can no longer be ignored. The challenge is determining what the most suitable replacement product is. There are a multitude of factors that go into researching solutions that are going to compliment the interior details and finishes, provide long-term durability and ultimately enhance building values.

Due to sheer volume, the purchase of corridor carpet is costly, and for this reason, it deserves particular attention. Some research and thought should go into the selection of the ideal carpet product. Your design professional will be able to assist in this process and ensure that the most suitable product is ultimately purchased, within the allotted budget. Cost, though it is a consistent contributing factor, should never be the only reason for making the carpet selection. Many condominium boards in the past have regretted their decision to install the least expensive product because of its poorer than expected performance over time.

Whether the interior concept of the condominium is traditional, transitional or contemporary the options for material are virtually endless. The choices for patterned carpet is generally between either nylon tufted or printed in the market today. Between the two types there are seemingly endless varieties of colour, pattern and texture. Both types have been specifically engineered for public area condominium use, making them more durable and reliable than normal residential carpet. The decision between the two products generally comes down to overall aesthetic principles and minimum yardages. Often, manufacturers will set minimum requirements for custom products. This is something that should be kept in mind during the decision process.

Printed carpet is virtually unlimited when it comes to range of colour and pattern. It provides a wide array of options, such as developing the manufacturer’s standard pattern to be coloured specifically to a building, or, alternatively, a completely original carpet can be created. Variations are often available when it comes to surface textures, ounce weights, production widths and base construction. It is important to consider all of these things when contemplating the installation of a print carpet.

Tufted carpet, although not offering the same assortment of colour options, the patterns can be equally as extensive as printed carpet. Similarly to print, various standard patterns are available that can be custom coloured. Custom capabilities, offered by manufacturers, when it comes to patterns are only limited by the production process.

Maintenance of the carpet is just as important as visual appeal. Operational requirements vary from building to building and, in most cases, depend heavily on the demographics of the property. Based on specific needs, base construction, yarn systems and ounce weights should be specified accordingly. For example, increased stain resistance or a moisture barrier may be desired by pet friendly properties, or a corridor with heavier traffic may make fibre locking products or those with higher ounce weights a necessity. These are technical issues that will need to be considered in conjunction with aesthetics.

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