Condominium Common Area Renovation in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

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About Us

This is how we make you LOOK GOOD

CPL Interiors Ltd works with Boards of Directors who want to make improvements to the common elements finishes in their condominium high-rise building.  CPL is often invited to meet with a Board when they’re experiencing one or more of the following issues:

Concerned about decreasing real-estate values within their condominium corporation

Upset with the deteriorating quality of the interior finishes within the common areas

Worried about how to approach and organize a refurbishment project

Frustrated with cost over runs on major projects.


Sound familiar? THEN WE SHOULD TALK!

CPL provides refurbishment services to condominium corporations throughout the GTA.  Condominiums are all we do and we have been working within this marketplace for over 25 years!  Let CPL Interiors help your condominium community address the concerns that affect them most.



CPL is committed to the environment and safety.

CPL Interiors is committed to providing a safe work environment for both our clients and our trades.  Everyone involved in a refurbishment project has Health & Safety obligations – management, the Board and the contractor.  By partnering with the right contractor, management and the Board can dramatically reduce their exposure to risk.  Health & Safety should play a major role in who a Board chooses to develop a project with.  At CPL we take Health & Safety very seriously, we have the only CHSO ( Construction Health and Safety Officer) certified project manager working in the condominium refurbishment field in the GTA.  That should provide piece of mind to all our clients!


Deliver the most detailed, well organized and cost efficient refurbishment project to a condo community while maximizing their return on investment and minimizing the project impact!